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We make it easy.  View our handy video service checklist

View our handy video service checklist.

Makevoice Ltd. translates your advertising text from English into Finnish, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

You’ll receive comprehensive service to ensure your film is tailored for each target country. For example, we can edit a 30-second commercial to the desired length and, if necessary, shoot footage of your product and create a new ending shot. We can add the desired texts in the target language to the visuals. We adapt the text so that the voiceover synchronizes with the visuals.

We provide voiceover artists according to the target language. We can mix the audio master to suit social media or TV commercials.
Flexible and experienced, we have localized over 1500 films during the last 20 years. We handle the production process smoothly and efficiently.
We are particularly skilled in localizing children’s toy commercials. Check out our some of the work we’ve done for our customer AmoSuomi:

Consider us as your marketing or category manager’s right hand! We can order the films, translate the texts, get the Finnish version approved, produce the desired languages, get approvals in the target countries, upload the final materials to Spotgate, Peach service, YouTube, social media, and handle distribution of the links and codes to your media agency.

Our customers are top players in their respective fields and expect reliability, creativity, speed, service-mindedness, and quality from the production chain.

Ask for more information about our localization service

A voiceover artist is not just a speaker but a storyteller who can bring a script to life. The guidance of an experienced director or producer also plays an important role in interpreting the text. The director or producer-director ensures the overall vision of how the final product will sound.

We can either direct the voiceover artist remotely while they record in their own acoustically treated space, or we can request them to come to our studio, where the recording takes place in a soundproof booth. The client can participate in the voiceover recording session at the studio or remotely.

Need help choosing the right voice for your production? We’re happy to help you leverage our extensive studio collaboration network. We typically record in English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian, and can also provide other languages upon request. We always provide voice samples first from suitable voiceover artists for your project and coach voiceover artists to meet our clients’ needs.

Recording, scripting, voiceovers, sound effects and music

We produce audio for:

  • TV and radio commercials
  • Background music systems in shopping centers, stores and sports arenas
  • Social media and streaming service advertisements
  • Corporate videos and podcasts
  • Phone systems, toys and games
  • Movie theaters
  • Casting

From scriptwriting and casting to the final advertisement – we promise a positive experience and a great outcome .

You can send us your ideas even in rough drafts, or a tried and tested method is to involve our audio producer in the planning phase, where we can provide insight from the beginning. Working with us is easy and straightforward.

Makevoice has a wide range of voiceover artists, ensuring that we have the right professional for every project.

Ask us about voiceover artists, languages and translations.

We have an extensive library of sound effects, and if needed, we can record necessary effects even in the middle of a forest, if your production requires it.

We have a large catalog of music that can be used in productions.

If needed, we can compose, arrange and write lyrics for a custom jingle or an entire song that fits your production.

Translation and adaptation of your song lyrics into Finnish can also be provided to match the visuals.

We can script your advertisement in the desired style or produce an audio advertisement based on your existing text.

You can hear the audio references only upon request. We do not share audio references because we do not want our clients’ materials to end up as AI training material.

You can request references via email.

We produce corporate, presentation, and commercial videos tailored to your company’s needs. Our Green Screen studio, high-quality Aputure Amaran lighting system, and 4K camera equipment with a teleprompter allow for versatile production. From concept to realization, we can produce videos based on even your bullet points.

Maybe you’ve got a space theme in mind…

We have also designed and produced commercial web series. For example, Jaajo’s wine bar Bricco in collaboration with Netrauta.

Videos can also be adapted for digital outdoor advertising billboards.

Engaging and market-oriented, cost-effective audio content for your event

If you have a sound system in your premises or public spaces connected to any audio player, you can play remote voiceovers there.

The remote hosting package is a cost-effective way to create a market-like atmosphere at events through loudspeakers.

Send us product or store advertisements that you want to highlight at your event, even as a rough draft, and we will create lively scripts that will be read by audio professionals in the studio and edited into audio files in the desired format.

An easy and cost-effective way to liven up your events. Suitable for both small and large events. It’s as if the host was physically present. The audio files are fed into the system, and event spots run precisely on time. You can decide whether you want a host duo or if one remote host is sufficient for your event. The host’s content can also be scripted into a song.

Are you seeking audio advertising in shopping centers? Through our partner, you can reach over 2 million unique visitors weekly via a nationwide shopping center network.

You can hear the audio references only upon request. We do not share audio references because we do not want our clients’ materials to end up as AI training material.

You can request references via email.

With the Audio Environment Service, an audio player is either connected to an existing audio system, or a new audio system can be built, consisting of speakers and an amplifier unit to which the audio player is connected. The Audio Environment service requires an internet connection to function.

The service can be used in all environments where sound can be played, indoors and outdoors.

Say no to noise pollution and take charge of your own audio environment!

We can customize an individual audio environment for you with music, effects and recorded messages. We create the content according to your preferences, and you decide the playtime.

You can play music and advertisements in the desired manner, at different times of the day and different days of the week. We control the device remotely so you can order, for example, daily-changing advertisements, or a remote hosting package to liven up your event. The audio player also functions as a channel for closing and event announcements.

Remote Hosting Package

Get more information about the Audio Environment Service.

Contact potential: OTC over 200,000/week.

In the middle of the busiest spot in Hyvinkää is the Kassatalo sign .
The sign reaches a wide range of motorists and approx. 50,000 visitors per month entering the Willa shopping center and the Mehiläinen medical clinic through the main entrance. Directly across from the sign is the library square, where various events are held. The advertising displayed on the sign also reaches pedestrians and cyclists.

Captivate the festival audience!

It is also possible to add audio to the advertising displayed on the sign, reaching pedestrians and cyclists.

The sign features a weather service, name days, weekdays and electricity prices, which automatically attract attention.

In accordance with the requirements for Hämeenkatu, the horizontal sign has pixel pitch of 2.84mm and resolution of L:1232 K:264.

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