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You can hear the audio references only upon request. We do not share audio references because we do not want our clients’ materials to end up as AI training material.

You can request references via email.

You can hear the audio references only upon request. We do not share audio references because we do not want our clients’ materials to end up as AI training material.

You can request references via email.

You can hear the audio references only upon request. We do not share audio references because we do not want our clients’ materials to end up as AI training material.

You can request references via email.

Kids Chronicals -game

Bildit – game

Autotalo Järvi

Tonia – dog clothing

Hevisaurus -toys

Petri Kolmonen

We are particularly skilled in localizing children’s toy commercials. Check out our some of the work we’ve done for our customer AmoSuomi:


Customer testimonials

“In addition to basic audio productions, Makevoice has been involved in planning and producing various audio campaigns and full concepts for our shopping center customers. Makevoice has brought a creative perspective to the content and implementation. Working together is easy, open and on-target. We’ve been cooperating for 20 years and we plan to continue.”

Petteri Rantanen / Mall Voice / Shopping center customer manager

“Amo Ltd and Makevoice share a long history together. We have utilized Makevoice’s services extensively, with a turnkey approach. For us, this has meant convenience and working with a partner who operates independently and understands our products as their own.

Whether it has been recording, translating, producing or transferring spots to desired media environments, everything has worked seamlessly and with great reliability.

Makevoice is agile and adapts to our needs and the ever-changing environments over time.”

Minna Kaivola, Amo Oy, CEO

“The collaboration between SUN Radio and Makevoice in terms of advertising and channel production has been ongoing for years. Makevoice deserves special recognition for the speed of production and dedication to the scripts. As a result of our years of collaboration, our expectations are often exceeded, as the producer understands even better than the client what kind of productions are needed for each situation.”

Kimmo Hoivassilta / Radio SUN

“Over the years, I have ordered hundreds of different voice spots from Makevoice. The collaboration has been easy and smooth. Makevoice has creatively crafted various imagery and soundscapes from the ad scripts, ensuring my clients and I are extremely satisfied.”

Marko Huhdanmäki / Key Account Manager / Radio SUN Ltd

Makevoice has significantly reduced our company’s worries with their flexible service and, at times, extreme speed. We can focus on our own work because they handle client contacts and media production smoothly, delivering a finished product to us that is approved and ready to use!

Hanna Arpalahti / Pirmediat

Marko is creative, full of ideas and above all, a fast scriptwriter.

He’s quick to get on the same wavelength as the client even with little to go on, resulting in excellent text being produced very quickly. He has created numerous excellent dialogues with his own voice actor children. If needed, he can even write rap lyrics or transform existing text into rap in no time.

Jaana Laine / Mall Voice

We have been doing advertising for children and youth products with Marko at Makevoice for over 20 years with excellent results. We’ve made 100+ commercials. Mostly, our collaboration has involved editing and dubbing ready-made foreign TV and YouTube commercials to fit the Finnish market.

Marko has an excellent ability to capture the unique features of a product from a brief, and highlight the aspects that interest the target audience in line with current trends. He can independently handle the entire package, making the edited ad more effective for use in Finland or other Nordic countries, or tailoring it for specific media. Marko can write or modify voiceover scripts, even compose and arrange music or lyrics. He can send a preliminary voiced version of the edited commercial for review. He also handles connections with media agencies or channels. The work has always been done very well, efficiently, and at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend his services!”

Asko Wallenius / Liniex

We’ve been working with Makevoice for years and are very satisfied with the fast, flexible service and high-quality results. We’re pleased with the creative solutions they’re provided in both Finnish and Swedish. Thanks to years of cooperation, they know how to meet our needs and the process is smooth and easy. Makevoice’s price-quality ratio is also excellent and we can warmly recommend them as a partner.

Kati Mattelmäki, Marketing & Design Manager, Toyrock Oy

“I have been working closely with Marko from “Make Voice” for more than 10 years.  He is one of my most trusted partners, and we can always be sure that he delivers a first-class product, whenever it’s a company profile, a commercial, a informational speak or a product that need acting.  We always manage to find a reasonable price that the clients and narrators can live with.  I look forward to many years of corporation in the future!”

Jens Albrectsen Speakerbureauet, Copenhagen

“I ordered a voiceover in Finnish that would sync with an existing Swedish speaker in Swedish (in terms of length) and I am very satisfied. Even though we are based in Stockholm and everything was managed online, the result was fantastic. Fast and professional work and with an artistic edge that is difficult to achieve if you aren’t sitting in the same place providing direction. The end result exceeded expectations. Can highly recommend the services!”

Melker Becker Mediabruket, Stockholm

“Bergsala is the general agency for Nintendo in the Nordics, one of the world’s biggest brands within the video games industry. Our mission is to “bring smiles to people’s faces”, and we are extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic partner in Marko Tahtikumpu and Makevoice Oy, who are always available to help us out with new projects – often on very short notice – and deliver audio content of the highest quality that helps us take steps towards this goal in Finland.”

Johan Palomäki / Market- and event coordinator