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The world is changing, and we need to change with it. As video editing rhythms become faster, the level of demand increases in terms of production turnaround times and pricing.

Makevoice Ltd. is not just a cut-and-paste audio production company but a creative tool that understands the modern needs of customers in marketing and advertising.

Sometimes logistical challenges with product deliveries can drastically change the marketing plan for a season, requiring quick production of new advertising materials for various media.

We’re used to receiving assignments with urgent deadlines of Today! Tomorrow! Fortunately, in achieving a consistent high-quality result, routines and working methods play a significant role, and given our production experience, we can confidently offer you excellent service, fast.

Productions can be completed on the same day the material is received and if all the necessary elements are available. Production can involve many moving parts, so the schedule depends on how these parts come together. For example, speaker schedules, proper content, and possible reorders, as well as production schedules in different countries.

Preserving and archiving material plays a significant role when new footage is not available. Makevoice stores 98% of its productions in a system from which the material can be retrieved for production use in a matter of minutes if needed.

If the productions have been done at Makevoice, then yes, it is possible. It is also possible for the client to send all the old materials, which can be used to create a new composition.

Media formats vary widely so the same material needs to be adapted accordingly.

Yes, it is possible .

We deliver productions to media agencies, direct to TV channels, through distribution channels (Spotgate/Peach), for games, social media, radios, phone systems, and products such as toys.

Consider Makevoice Ltd. as a tool to be leveraged by marketing managers and category managers. At your request, we can handle the entire process from material ordering to production and, following approval, uploading to your YouTube channel with key hashtags and descriptors.

Yes, no problem.

In general, the right to use the voiceover is one year from the due date of the invoice. After this, the right of use can be extended to the same media for ie. one year, by paying 50% of the voice actor’s fee. If you would like more information on copyright practices, please contact us.

Yes, it is possible. If you have a sound system in your premises that can play audio files, we can create scripts based on your offers and event. We will record them, and you can input them into the system yourself or ask your operator to schedule the event hosting according to your preferences. See our Audio Environment Service

Yes, it is possible. Just let us know what kind of sound effects you want and what kind of music you would like us to compose.

Yes we can. Just send us the information on how many parts there are in the series, how many and what kind of characters you need and the number of spoken words (lines) per character so that we can give you a proper cost estimate. The same information is also needed for the game.  If necessary, we can hold a casting event, so you can get a better feel for the suitability of the characters for your production. We provide casting, bookings, recordings, directing and mixing in the desired format.

Happy to answer any other questions!

We are passionate and curious about what we do.

We study Virtual Production and explore the possibilities brought by Artificial Intelligence in our productions.